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Tabby - Bundle


The TABBY  Bundle- NEW Affordable  solution for the POS market.


What is Tabby?

Tabby is web server integrated in a SAM4s Ellix 40 thermal receipt printer.  Tabby connects to any device that supports a web browser and provides a basic retail POS software application. 

How does a Tabby architecture compare with other tablet solution?

Many tablet-based POS solutions are "apps" that are downloaded and resident on the tablet. "Apps" are usually written for either Apple IOS or Android.  IN contrast, Tabby is not an "app".  Tabby runs on the Tabby enabled Ellix 40 smart printer and is operated from any browser capable device> Windows, Apple or Android.
Other tablet solutions are Cloud-based.  Here the POS application depends on persistent internet connection for both the application and the data storage.  Tabby's application and data are stored on the Tabby device in the Ellix 40 printer and do not depend on a persistent internet connection.

How are Tabby peripherals connected?

Tabby provides serial ports, simplifying connection to POS peripherals such as printers, displays, scanners, and Datacap intergrated payment devices.  Cash drawers are connected to the drawer port on the printer.

Describe Tabby's POS feature set?

Tabby's features are similar to the feature found on SAM4s electronic cash registers.  Sales are tracked by item, deartmnet (group), time, day and operator.  Cash, check and electronic payments xan be accepted.  Sophisticated functions for tax calculation, discounts and combo purchases are available.  Reporting is graphical and rich.  Owners and managers can access a sales dashboard remotely.

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